Airport looks in the house

There are too many things to stress about when leaving for a vacation that the checklist doesn’t seem to finish – from booking tickets, hotels and reserving seats at fancy eateries. But one among them has become increasingly sensational – planning airport outfits. We don’t just do it for Instagram’s sake but also because airports and flights call for comfort before anything.

It takes added work to look good at the airport, but it's well worth it. The key to excellent airport apparel is to focus on comfort and style, and to incorporate aspects that make you feel good and enhance your appearance.


Pick our recommendations when in need of an airport outfit!

  1. Floral motif yellow Kaftan set

With the flair and ease of the loose fabric, this Kaftan set is the most comfortable outfit you could wear to the airport. The floral motifs on yellow and the striped trousers are heavily contrasting yet work beautifully together. The draw string allows you to accentuate your unique size yet also allows you to flow freely while travelling.


  1. Patterned dots on blue hoodie set

Crafted in double-layer cotton, this hoodie comes in a gorgeous blue shade.

The half waistband and half elastic joggers are of great style. The front kangaroo pocket on the hoodie makes it convenient because who doesn’t need pockets?  The Hoodie Set comes at Rs. 1439 and could be one of your best steals before you leave for vacation. Pair this with shite sneakers to define comfort at the airport today when heads turn at your entrance.


  1. Blue Striped Jumpsuit

This striped jumpsuit from Jisora, which comes in blue and white is of a loose fit which makes it comfortable and a reasonable wear for long journeys. It is rather suffocating to wear extremely tight clothes while travelling. It is not only so 2005 but also silly. Long travels include longer nap times and comfortable clothing is crucial. This Jumpsuit checks all boxes. It has a loose fitting, wide neck collar allowing you to breathe freely. The waistband on the rear is a chic touch to an otherwise simple outfit. You can pair this with your denim jackets and cardigans for your December early morning flights or add a tote bag and aviators for a midsummer day’s schedule.

  1. Garden Treasures on Pink Loungewear

This Set seen in soft printed cotton is an easy yet flattering choice. Bright hues of pink paired with white floral motifs is a stellar piece which gathers attention without doing much. The Angrakha look, bell sleeves, paired with a peplum-like flow on the bottom definitely gives this simple loungewear a lot of extra character. Contrasting stripes on the bottom accentuates the whole look. This whole outfit is a look on its own and doesn’t need extra effort. Although minimalistic chains or ear studs could end up making this outfit look very elite.


  1. Patterned Shibori on Blue

This Coordinate set with a tie-up belt on the waist and wide-leg trousers is a dream come true. The enormous bowtie in the front gives you the chance to flow freely as well as accentuate your shape. The round neck gives the whole outfit a very simple aura. Shibori print has been very popular in the market and this co-ord set gives it the edge people love. Add sneakers and backpacks and you’re good to go.


Now that you’ve a clear picture for your next five airport looks, you could also shuffle these pieces or style them in as many ways you want to. But some of the very important airport look tips which go unnoticed are

  •  Try to avoid one-pieces. They aren’t convenient or comfortable for long journeys.
  • Avoid all-whites. You’re most likely to spill something or the other, so try to stay away from drama.
  • Wear clothes with pockets. You need pockets while you’re traveling the most because all your bags are packed to the brim.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t torture yourself by wearing heavy jewelry or tight clothing.
  • Most of all, be comfortable.