Beat the heat with summer dresses!

Beat the heat with summer dresses

This year, the temperature has reached a crazy high, making our lives more difficult than ever. Be it 7 showers a day or 17 glasses of kombucha, everyone has been looking for things that keep them from withering away like a houseplant, due to the heat. As clothing is something we require everyday, our wardrobes have required more attention this year. Even looking at a skinny pair of jeans felt like torture on some days. 

So, we thought of putting together a list of the most coveted summer dresses to help you breathe freely before summer bids adieu. 

Let’s begin!

  • Tropical Leaves On Yellow T-Shirt Dress:

 Created with the most breathable fabric, the yellow hue is a perfect fit for your day outs and brunches, in this Morocco like summer. T-shirt dresses are my personal favorite as they’re not only cool and stylish but the silhouette allows one to move and breathe freely, sans the sweating like a pig. Pair it with sneakers and watch others envy your level of comfort while you swirl and twirl in this soothing yellow t-shirt dress. 


  • Paisley on Maroon T-shirt dress:

To begin with, I’m secretly in love with the ruffles and enjoy the fact that this dress can be worn out both during days and evenings too. Paisley prints, on the other hand, gives this otherwise casual dress a chic outlook, which I definitely enjoy. Accessorize, if you may or you could just add a pair of tan flats and you’re ready to beat the heat!

  • Gardenia on Grey Dress: 

Are you looking to define chic and casual? Here’s a dress that does the job wonderfully. Featuring puffed sleeves, collars and A-line silhouette, this dress is all versions of pleasant. The color contrast also feels very summery and while all of that razzmatazz is happening, the shape allows you to literally swipe left on heat! Pair it with a tote or cane bag and a pair of tan flats to achieve the summery boho look.

  • Orchids on Pink Slip Dress: 

 Who doesn’t admire a pretty slip dress? Slip dresses are comfortable, breathable and most of all, highly fashionable and popular. The pink hue on this dress is to die for and the orchids beautifully evoke a sense of a Tuscanian summer which I truly can’t get enough of. You could always dress down with flats but you could also add a pair of kitten heels and studs to end up looking more suave. 

  • Meadow on Blue Silk Dress: 

The showstopper. With prints so dreamy, a slit so sassy and silhouette so flowy, this again is a dress I believe I could die for. Accessorize your heart out or just go casual with a pair of flats, no one will be able to take their eyes off you in this dress which will only make you more confident and of course, comfortable!


We have many more dresses which you’d love to rock this summer and fall. Check our page online to steal deals on the dreamiest dresses ever made.