Impact of Social Media

Do you sense it? The tides are changing, and social media is once more moving in that direction. It appears that one of those instances is going to arrive, as it does every few years when the sites we love expand, fade, and alter.

Whether we're entrepreneurs, content providers, consumers, or we've done all of the above at one point or another, a lot of us are currently feeling a little bewildered with social media.

Take Instagram as an idea. The image-sharing application that has us all smitten. We can now document certain aspects of our lives, collaborate with brands, and share the things we love. We can also find content that makes us happy. a social media network chock with small companies, fashion, beauty, fitness, and so much more. Basically, you may do as you choose and enjoy filling your newsfeed with a bunch of one element or a little bit of everything. It has evolved and adapted over time to reflect how they believe we use our social media personas, but it sometimes feels as though they aren't making the changes correctly.

The ongoing discussion of algorithm adjustments, chronological feeds, and content reach drops has been seen by all of us in stories and posts, and it can occasionally be discouraging for all of us to feel as though we don't completely get or love the app we're building for.

For instance, Instagram prioritises videos over any photographs we want to share. It's true, all of us enjoy those snackable reels more than anything but for content creators or the people who use social media just for the heck of it, photographs are equally important. Yet that's getting lost somewhere. 

Or let's talk about Facebook. What used to be the most Uber-cool of media platforms has now turned into a platform that we use to wish birthdays/ anniversaries and probably upload 2 pictures a year. 

On the other hand, Tiktok has met otherworldly fame with its plethora of features and 'the trend of keeping up with trends'. 


We're not quite aware of the direction social media platforms are taking, in this wave but to say the least, it's fascinating. With heightened algorithms and new features popping up on each app each day, life on social media has become really unpredictable. And it has been unsettling for some, including me - especially when I think about visiting Greece and the minute I open Instagram I find the most majestic pictures of Mykonos. 

How are you dealing with these changes? Are you using social media or is it using you?