One outfit: multiple options

One outfit: multiple options

With growing knack for one-stop shops and sustainability, the world’s outlook towards fashion has also changed in ways more than we can count. One consequence of such outlook is styling a single fit in multiple ways. We’ve seen celebrities owning up to reusing their outfits more than once and realised it’s a no brainer to wear the same outfit yet look different each time.

We have grown up watching people repeat their outfits in the same manner again and again which made it so utterly boring. But now with several thousand trending reels of making multiple uses of one outfit, we are more aware of the notion and quite happy about it. Why buy new outfits every month when you can repurpose the three-piece sets lying around in your closet for months or maybe even years?

Why should we repurpose outfits?

  1. It’s cost-effective. You get to remain fashionable while spending less or sometimes, nothing.
  2. It’s sustainable. Gallons of water is used to make a single shirt or any piece of clothing. We have seen many articles and blogs on how fast fashion takes a toll on our environment and now with the raising awareness for sustainable living, it’s time we make some changes in the wardrobe too. Repurposing pieces of clothing from one outfit helps you remain sustainable.
  3. It helps your creativity. While its absolutely necessary to not put a frown on your wallet and take conscious steps to help the environment, another amazing effect of shuffling a single outfit in multiple ways is that it helps the stylist and designer in you bloom. Whether you want to dress down or look glamorous, you’re the one to style your top with different skirts or trousers, choose your accessories and of course, look glamorous.

Although, it does get tricky at times to choose the right bottom for the top or vice-versa. So, it’s better to have an idea before we recreate our outfits and take them out to the streets.


Let’s get styling!

 A 3-piece co-ord set by Jisora mainly consists of a camisole top, a pair of trousers and a shrug.



  1. Start with the shrug

The shrugs mostly come in large prints and bright colours. Use this pink shrug with floral mosaic with a white/pastel green slip dress. You could also match it with your classic black cami and blue denims. To opt for a summer day look, pair it with a white camisole and white denims and finish the look off with a cane bag.


  1. Second, comes the trousers: Jisora’s in-house co-ord sets consists of trousers which are mostly flared or straight. Take a look at this striped pink trouser. What can we do with it? Here’s an idea!

Pair it with a light coloured/ pastel kurta and add some jewelry to bedazzle the ensemble.


  1. Finally, the top: This is the most reusable piece in the whole set. You can pair it with denims to go for a casual day look. Or maybe pair it with a coral blue tulip skirt and a minimalist chain for your evening out with the girls. For a more formal look, pair it with trousers and a white blazer with a little gold in your accessories.


You can always style these tops and trousers with whatever you deem fit, as long as it makes you feel like the face of a fashion magazine cover. Add a belt, remove the shrug and add a jacket – run crazy with your ideas to look perfect in a single outfit in multiple ways. Style so well that even your best friend thinks you’ve gotten new clothes! 

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