Outfits for Navratri

The festive season is right around the corner. We got dressed up this Rakhi in our most liked ensembles and are now scrolling and surfing the entire web to find fits for Navratri and the various occasions which follow.

 The colours that are highly in fashion this season are hues of blue and green and trust me, I'm loving it. The colours itself are so experimental that their different tints and hues make them all the more explorable. We have seen in the past couple of years that pastel shades of blue and green have their popularity skyrocketing. Any woman who loves fashion is bound to have one powder blue ensemble in their closet or sadly enough, their wishlist.

 It isn't everyday that we go on a shopping spree and for us Indians, a 'spree' only begins with the arrival of festivities because of our otherworldly obsession with looking the best on each day of Navraatri, Diwali and Bhaidooj too!

As much as we love exploring western silhouettes, cuts, prints and designs, there exists that Desi part within us which is always on the lookout for traditional clothes in this month of bhangra and gidda.  


Like we have always said, the only solution to this dilemma is FUSION! A bit of ajrakh combined with Chinese collars or ruffled hemline has always been the apple of our eyes. Which is why Jisora brings to you clothes that not only speak of fusion but more importantly, screams so!


So, let's get to picking!

  • Flowing leaves on Green Slip Dress: Quite a dream-catcher this piece ends up to be. The antique aura of the colours and the classical leafy print is everything that would remind a girl of home, even if she's in Amsterdam.  Get this dreamy maxi cotton dress at an affordable price and pair it with minimalistic gold jewelry to be party-ready, this festive season.

  • Powder blue floral patterned kurti: This angrakha top design is like one of those Russian dolls which unearths new surprises at every instance. Like we said a fashionista and powder blue goes hand in hand, here we have the best example for the statement. Pair it with culottes or leggings and oxidised jhumkas to make a remarkable presence in the crowd.

  • Coromandel on Cotton Dress: Everytime I look at this cotton dress online, I'm reminded of the retro movie Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn. As much as Desi in its prints, the silhouette has a very vintage Audrey Hepburn aura to it. Pair it with kitten heels and a cane bag to go back to the era of black and white! 


  • Shibori on Green Strap Dress:Let's get to the basics, first! If you're looking for aesthetic dresses online in India, this romantic ensemble is now on sale and get your hands on it before your neighbour does! This dress also works as the perfect women's resort wear.  Cowl necks are one of the greatest discoveries, according to me and this dress justifies my statement. The cosmo dress is such an all rounder in itself that words fall short. Try it on with bracelets and earrings to accentuate the beauty of it.


These are my top picks of the week. Which one's yours?