Rise of Loungewear Trend

Loungewear, what’s that?


This was our reaction towards the loungewear section of any and every fashion label till 2019. With the pandemic, our outlook towards life changed and the same happened with cotton loungewear. Staying in for months and eventually more than a year, working from home and hardly ever going out led us to one significant thought: Let’s not compromise with comfort! And why not? We all saw our favourite influencers on Instagram and even celebrities rocking cozy cotton coords online and ditching those high heels and tight dresses, pretty often.

  1. So, let’s discuss. What is loungewear? Is it only to be worn at home? Which events can one wear them to?

    When done correctly, loungewear helps you feel relaxed while still looking elegant. Even if you're wearing pyjamas and track trousers, there are ways to do it effectively so that you may go outside your house and carry off your attire with flair. The proper accessories may also offer an element of intrigue! The core concept includes effortless comfort and chic.

    Now that the trend has set in, it has no intention of leaving anytime soon. As there are multiple ways to style comfy lounge wear, one could easily accessorize the ensemble with blazers, belts, statement jewelry and eye-catching footwear to parties and big events and also dress down with lounge wear for short meets at cafes.

    Let’s check out the various types of outfits present in the loungewear section. Jisora offers a wide range of loungewear in multiple variants ranging from Kaftans to Angrakha sets.

    1. T-shirt dress


We have all worn cotton t-shirt dresses. Initially, they were more of bodycon dresses but now with the growing popularity of loungewear and love for comfy clothes, Jisora offers loose-fitting cotton t-shirt dresses, available in floral motifs, paisley, etc.  Pair these dresses with sneakers and a fun hair-do, to look cute and quirky on your vacations or trip to the supermarket too!

Take a look at this gorgeous yet soothing comfy t-shirt dress.


  1. Slip dress


 We’ve all secretly coveted the satin slip dresses we see on our feed every alternate post but also ended up not buying them as they were, again, too dressy. For women who enjoy wearing slip dresses yet want to keep it casual, here’s a dress which will make you feel effortlessly beautiful.


  1. Shorts Sets



One has to get too lucky to find a piece of clothing which is comfortable, breathable and easy to sleep in and also go out cycling. Short sets are cool, easy on the skin and quite interesting to accessorize.


Here we have an outfit in a soothing leafy green colour with gardenia print to match the summer vibes. 



There are hundreds of such options in the loungewear section which you can spend on to lounge around at home or take out during your trips. Finding the right accessories might get tricky at times but when done right, your outfit is all over social media and so are you.


Designers, celebrities and anyone who has eyes for fashion are in love with the different types of lounge wear. So, get trendy!