Summer Trends 2022

Summer Trends 2022

Do you smell sunscreen, sea shores and sorbets? That’s because summer is here. Although there are a lot of people who hate summer for the sweaty weather and scorching heat, there’s no denying the fact that summer weather helps us enjoy a lot more outfits than any winter ever will.

Summer calls for cooler tones, beach dresses and oversized shades. Whether you’re chilling by the beach or off to work – your outfit completes your mood of the day.

Like every year, we have our list of summer trends for 2022 and we wouldn’t want you to miss it at any cost.

Here are some staple trends for summer, learn and you’ll never go wrong with fashion this summer.

  1.       Crop tops: It has been quite a number of years since crop tops gained fame and love all over the internet. But it hasn’t gone out of fashion and probably won’t for the longest time. Pair it with denims, flared trousers or shorts, it goes well with everything because there’s no other thing in the world that screams “SUMMER” more than a crop top. 

       Here’s a crop trop by Jisora which can be styled in multiple ways: Patterned ZigZag Cotton Crop Top – JISORA


  1.     Bright Colors: With the arrival of summer, we saw a lot of models and celebrities pull off vibrant colors. Bold colors are ruling summer 2022 and we can’t deny how much we love that. Designers predicted a lot of greens, blues, yellows and reds and they weren’t wrong. Fill your closet with brighter hues this summer. 

      Here’s a bright orange co-ord set you’ll love for your evening rides to the beach or just to the barbecue scheduled at 9:00 pm.


  1.     Cut-outs: It suffices to say that in 2021, the cut-out trend was one of the most popular. This trend has taken over the catwalk as well as our Instagram feed, as we've seen our favorite influencers style their take on the cut-out trend in everything from bodycon dresses to bodysuits, jeans, and t-shirts. With the growing demand for cut-outs, designers are reinterpreting the trend in new and modern ways that go beyond the customary stigma. These subtle yet exposing embellishments are a refreshing change from the tight, slinky cuts of the past, making them both stylistically surprising and also practical.

Jisora’s cut-out dress is practically one of the most minimalistic yet fashionable cut-out piece we have come across this year

  1.     Cotton and Linen are your new bffs: It’s safe to say that no matter how much we care about styling and fashion trends, comfort holds the first rank. If we don’t feel comfortable in what we’re wearing, it definitely shows on our faces and spoils the whole look. Uncomfortable fabric ends up making us feel suffocated, especially with the current climate. And with evolving trends, cotton is not boring anymore, nor is linen. Designers have made use of these breathable and light fabrics to style wonderful crop tops, co-ord sets, jumpsuits and more.

Here's one such example:


  1.     Off-the-shoulder tops and dresses aren’t ever getting old: Off-shoulder tops and dresses made a comeback last year and ended up being one of the staples in every girl’s wardrobe. Anyone slightly interested in fashion trends owns at least two pairs of off-the-shoulder clothing and are willing to get more. They aren’t only sexy, they’re also versatile and can be styled in multiple ways just like crop tops. And we fall in love with anything that brings out the stylist in us.

Check this vibrant off-the-shoulder top which gives out summer vibes the second you look at it!


We can clearly admit that these trends are not going anywhere for the next couple of years as they’re not only physically appealing but they also give women the freedom to enjoy fashion without suffocating themselves. With all the vibrant colors and cut outs, 2022 is gonna be a fun year for fashion!

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