The Rise of Co-Ords: the shift from fitted fashion!

There has been recognised a magnificent evolution of the fashion industry! It is thrilling to witness shifts in styles influenced by various factors. Over the years, co-ord sets have overtaken the trend of fitted clothing! Co-ord sets today have been embraced by fashionistas and enthusiasts worldwide, to such a large extent that it has ended up becoming a wardrobe staple for many!

Fitted clothing has been in lime light for a long while. It is the trend of clothes designed to accentuate your natural beauty! Fitted clothes embrace body curves and perfectly mould to the wearers silhouette. They range from formal wear staples to go-to casual fits! Their flattering nature is so fine. Fitted clothes hold the potential to make anyone appear polished and put-together, hence becoming a loved fashion trend around the globe!

Although, despite the fame fitted clothes received while they were a peak fashion trend, in recent years, there has been a shift towards Co-ord sets. Co-ord sets or Co-ords are sets of matching clothing crafted to be worn together consisting of two or more pieces of clothing. Usually, co-ords are a set of tops and bottoms that resonate in colour, patterns, or both! They vary from cosy loungewear to dressy evening fits! Their versatility validates them to be worn as a complete outfit or to be mixed and matched with other peices from one's wardrobe!

This gives rise to the question of why has there been a shift towards co-ord sets! One of the many factors influencing this shift may be the acceleration of social media! Since it has never been easier to spread and share trends so quickly than through platforms like instagram and Tik-Tok! Co-ords are a hot topic when it comes to popular fashion trends on social media as there as been a visible rise in the headcount of fashion influencers showcasing or presenting themselves wearing co-ords. This has led to more and more people showing keen interest in this trend and incorporating the all new chic and comfortable Co-ords into their style statements.

Additionally, the shift towards co-ord sets has also been felicitated by the desire for comfort & convenience. Their easy to carry nature and the minimum requirement of effort to cast a put-together look make them stand out! The matching peices eliminate the thoughtwork out of styling and ease out, making a clean look in much lesser time! Usually, co-ords feature comfortable, easy, and breathable fabrics such as cotton or knit, and this certainly makes them a go-to for lounging or running errands.

Another influencing factor for the rise in popularity and use of co-ord sets is the increasing interest of the society in sustainability. In recent years, people have become conscious of the impact that their fashion choices cast on the environment. Co-ord sets are often made from high-quality fabric and are fit to be worn multiple times! This not only make them an economical option but also an eco-friendly one!

One of the significant driving forces for the shift towards co-ord sets is the rise of streetwear fashion's popularity amongst masses. The prioritisation of comfort and practicality over form-fitting clothes has reflected a remarkable growth for the market of co-ord sets.
Co-ord sets come in various styles and hence are a great medium of expressing personal style for today's youth who is always looking for fresh vougish outfits!

A major benefit of co-ord sets is their versatility! They can be dressed in multiple ways, making them an ideal choice for a range of occasions. Moreover, these sets are super easy to accessorise! They can give a thought-out look by simple addition of statement jewellery or footwear that resonates to the occasion or mood! The level of flexibility is unmatchable.

In words of the celebrity fashion blogger, Sarah Brown "Co-ord sets are a sustainable and versatile option for those looking to update their wardrobe, offering endless opportunities to mix and match while still looking put-together."

This concludes to the fact that the shift from fitted clothing towards co-ord sets is a reflection of the ever-evolving industry of fashion! But these sets are here to stay and rule with the comfort, convenience, versatility, and sustainability offered by them. Their easy-to-style nature, durability, and long-term benefits make them a great investment piece for anyone wishing to level up their wardrobe!