What I Find And Follow - A Perfect Bedtime Routine?

What I Find And Follow - A Perfect Bedtime Routine?

What do you call the best bedtime routine? Well, there is no single definition for ‘perfect bedtime routine'. What I believe is the best bedtime routine starts with you taking a pledge to be consistent. As much as people underappreciate the importance of a nighttime routine, I must say, it is the best way to shut the motors of your brain, meditate and spend time in self-care. I know I am done for the day when I am into my favourite and cosiest kaftan night suit set. Getting into comfortable attire before going to sleep is important. Moreover, I've especially fallen for comfortable clothing in the last 2 years. Would love to share more of my bedtime routine and will be glad if I can bring even a minute change in your life.

My Bedtime Routine For A Good Night's Sleep

Well-being is important to keep your mind, body and soul healthy. And everyday bedtime routine is my way to escape the world and spend some time on myself. People say I am a have-it-all woman. A lucrative job, a happy family and an energetic lifestyle. I always thank God for this fortune, but I know I am the one who needs "a bedtime routine more than anyone". 

#Step1 - Slip Into The Comfiest Nightwear

Not guilty to express, I have a whole section for my comfortable clothes, whether its nightwear or loungewear. In the last two years, this section has been the most frequented. Now I get a chance to visit the section when I am home from work. Just because I am personally in love with cotton, I have a cotton shirt pyjama set, kaftans, cotton short sets, gowns, nightrobes, etc.

#Step2 - Daily Skincare

The next most important step is ‘skincare’. It is extremely polluted out there. I think a daily nighttime routine helps you sweep the layer of pollutants from your skin. I spend enough time brushing my teeth, washing my face thoroughly with a facewash, using a night cream, apply some lotion. Must admit, sometimes this gives me the satisfaction of completing a day and that now I am entitled to relax for a while. 

#Step3 - Trick My Brain Into Resting 

As important as this step is, it was equally hard for me to acquire. Let's admit, we have to trick our brains into resting especially when it is a hectic day or we have to submit an urgent proposal just the very next morning. Know your pain, been there. But still, I try to trick my brain with 10 minutes of meditation. If you are not that much into meditation, you can spend your time bonding with your family.

#Step4 - Do Some Stretching Exercises

We spend most of our day in front of our desks, doing work and earning bread & butter. Needless to say, this causes stiffness. I have gone through neck pains multiple times in the past. This made me realize the importance of doing some simple stretching exercises before going to bed.

#Step5 - Substitute Mobile With A Book I Love

Remain as far as you can from your smartphone screens. Although this is optional, it is good to replace your screentime with literally anything else that soothes you. Like podcasts, songs, books, etc.

What I Avoid?  

 - Phone Screen 

 - Sleeping In My Work Clothes 

 - Not Giving Enough Time To My Nighttime Routine 

 - Avoid Caffeine/Alchohol Just Before Bedtime


The favourite part of my bedtime routine is sneaking into the comfiest attire. My night starts from there. I've recently shopped for a bunch of nightwear including a kaftan night suit set and cotton shirt pyjama set and it seems Jisora knows my style and my love for cotton clothing. Got a good range from there.      

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