What to wear at brunch?

Brunch is a late morning breakfast and an early afternoon lunch clubbed together in dainty cafes and rooftops. There’s no woman who doesn’t enjoy talking about their jobs, colleagues and guys over coffee and cinnamon buns. As this is a generally lazy plan, dressing up for brunch is also quite minimal. Most women pick the chic and casual aesthetic for their brunch dates with their girlfriends or even for formal brunches.

No one likes to put too much of effort into dressing up during the daytime, so it’s only fair we choose comfortable outfits which aren’t boring. But there must also be a fine line between outfits for casual brunches and formal brunches.

Here are a few ideas you might like for your next trip to the cafe:

  • Cute blouses and denims

Denims and tops can never go wrong. Depending on the type of brunch you’re attending, pick a blouse with a quirky silhouette or maybe some cut outs and make sure it’s a bright color because SUMMER! Add a light coloured denim and a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go spill tea with your pals from school. Don’t miss out on accessories as they’re known to make or break outfits. Try to go minimalistic as the event demands so. Lastly, add a pair of aviators to make your style sleek and chic.



  • Dhoti Jumpsuit

Quirky, eclectic and stylish - dhoti jumpsuits are a crazy package of all things attractive.

The silhouette of this fit allows a lot of comfort yet its the silhouette which helps you stand out amid the crowd. This beautiful coming together of desi and modern ideas is the perfect ensemble to pick for brunches. Be it casual or formal, dhoti jumpsuits can be worn to both if accessorized correctly.




  • Cotton Jumpsuits

The true way to make your outfit look effortless, laid back yet fashionable is putting on a cotton jumpsuit with rather simple patterns. Light colours are a preferred choice as it resonates with the energy of the entire look. We’d recommend a jumpsuit with relaxed sleeves to accentuate the effortless part of the look. Style it with a pair of sliders and small studs and you’re good to go.

Style tip: Don’t avoid a good lipstick.



  • Kaftans

The true synonym of comfort and style. Kaftans are chic, timeless and extremely comfortable. There’s no need to praise a kaftan because each woman who lives in a tropical climate worships a kaftan because of its undeniable fashion laced with true comfort. Style it with a bucket or a tote bag and turn your face from any and every piece of jewellery.



  • Co-ord Sets

Co-ord sets are highly celebrated by almost all demographics in the world.  They’re fun, stylish and of course, very comfortable. With designers bringing in new types and styles of co-ord sets, co-ords which consist of shorts are much liked as brunch outfit ideas.

Add some earrings, bracelets and a watch too and don’t miss out on good footwear.

Create a cool yet chic look with co-ord sets and turn heads after you open that artsy door.



House of Jisora offers a wide array of collections to make sure you have the best brunch outfit. Our aim is to  make you look the most fashionable in the room without putting you in bodycons and corsets.

Mail us your outfit ideas for brunch dates!