3 Gorgeous Kaftans to add to your essentials

Our choice of at-home uniform is a combination of a pleasant shape and style. Whenever it comes to our casualwear fashion, kaftans are usually a relaxing choice, and their various styles make them so much more appealing and trendy. Kaftans are the easiest way to get an effortless off-duty appearance. It's a very uncomplicated suit that will keep you both comfy and elegant. These kaftans will undoubtedly be a significant addition to your closet, with tribal themes, charming playful flowers, and more. These exquisite kaftans are a definite must-have in any closet, with a pretty knee length one for those comfortable and breezy days and a fashionable patterned one for those toasty evenings.

The kaftan style is influenced by Mesopotamian dress, when robes and tunics were the two primary clothes that people wore. Since then, the kaftan has crossed the world, acquiring new designs. People from all over the world use this item of clothing by mixing and matching it with various types of bottom wear.

Here are a few essentials you should add to your wardrobe. But before that, we’d also like to remind you that kaftans aren’t necessarily only maxi dresses, they can be found in midi lengths and also in the shape of a blouse.



Pink Midi Kaftan: To begin the list, we’ve chosen a must-have from our collections. It’s quirky, bright, comfortable and effortlessly beautiful. It features a drawstring waistline  to give this relaxed piece of clothing a better shape. The midi length is a new addition to the kaftan range and it has worked wonders on this one. The bandhej self-print adds a sense of cultural richness to the otherwise relaxed ensemble.


Silk Maxi Kaftan: Do you ever look at a piece of clothing and admire how regal it looks? This is one of those dresses which will leave your jaws open for a couple minutes before you rush to grab it. The sense of sophistication is mostly because of the rich silk fabric and the royal motifs. RSVP yes to all the party invites immediately because you know you’ve found the dress of every woman’s dreams!



White on Blue Kaftan Pyjama: Kaftans have mostly been seen in the form of dresses. But with its growing demands, designers have worked out different designs for kaftans. And here’s a kaftan pyjama set in blue with white mandala prints all over it. It’s the right amount of chic and comfort and has become a sensation in the house of Jisora.


Keeping these three aside, we have an ocean of options for you to choose from. Available in different fabrics, colors, silhouettes and designs, our kaftans are made to bless your wardrobe with a heap of comfort and style.